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Incan nutritional wisdom was an unexpected discovery when Zach Adelman created Navitas Naturals in 2003. After building a successful manufacturing firm in Los Angeles, he wanted to create a business directly related to health and the environment. Inquiry and research led him to maca, a nutritious root vegetable indigenous to the Peruvian highlands. After traveling to South America to see for himself, Zach began importing maca root powder as our company’s original product.

Navitas Naturals has grown rapidly ever since we imported that first product from Peru - we now import foods from several countries around the world. We continue to expand our sales throughout North America, and we stay rooted to our original vision, which is: to provide premium organic superfoods that increase energy and enhance health. As our partnerships grow and evolve, we will continue to introduce intriguing, exotic and delicious power foods to help our world meet its nutritional and ecological needs.