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Zach Adelman created Navitas Naturals® in 2003, the culmination of a life-long interest in health food and world travel. After building a successful manufacturing business in Los Angeles, Zach decided he wanted to start a company directly related to health: his own, his family’s and that of the greater environment. With his business experience in sales, personnel management, packaging, shipping and manufacturing, he was ready to pursue a new business venture.

Initially, Zach learned about maca root, a nutrient-dense vegetable that grows on the high plateaus of Peru that has been an essential part of native Peruvians’ diet for centuries. He began operating Navitas Naturals with Maca Power® as his sole product. Product sales were encouraging but to attain viability and provide a living income, the business needed a larger product line. Zach decided to continue to pursue his original idea to search the world for functional foods that had long been used by traditional cultures for nutritional and medicinal purposes and then introduce them to the U.S. market.

In South America, he formed an alliance with an organic, fair-trade co-op and began to import Cacao products. In the Far East, he encountered Goji berries and their many benefits for health maintenance. As a result, Navitas Naturals became one of the first non-Chinese companies in North America to market Goji berries. As sales grew steadily, more products were added including Inca berries, a range of Cacao products, and other alternative and nutritious snack foods with a consequent rapid increase in sales and the need to expand into larger facilities with additional employees.

Zach is committed to promoting the growth of organic farming, and to following the principles of "Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" to protect the environment, both in business and at home. He and his associates and family actively pursue an organic, eco-friendly lifestyle.

As founder of Navitas Naturals, Zach is committed to providing the finest quality certified organic products available, at competitive prices. He sources products that are sustainably grown and harvested, and acquired in accordance with fair-trade policies. His experience in running wholesale businesses and in delivering prompt, friendly customer service provides the foundation for Navitas Naturals as a leader in the organic foods industry.