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Positivity and the Power of Love

We recently welcomed one of our first and most awesome ambassadors to the Navitas Naturals office. Grant Korgan, extreme athlete, author and adventurer, and his wife Shawna inspired the crowd with their story of positivity and love. We were all moved by Grant’s amazing ongoing recovery from a spinal cord injury. Read more below about Grant’s noble mission, his book and upcoming movies, and his words of wisdom that motivated our team.

Grant reminded us that “anything is possible” if you put your mind and energy toward it. Grant walked into the room with nothing but canes despite a daunting paralysis prognosis he received after being injured snowmobiling in 2010. When Grant was injured, he received an outpouring of love and support, and he chose a recovery path based on similar positivity, love and ‘paying it forward.’ He credits that mindset, hard work, his soul mate Shawna and the experts and trainers they work with, as well as ‘activity-based recovery’ for his success in the face of extreme adversity.

His passion for living life to its fullest is contagious. Grant overcomes challenges to do what he is passionate about, such as pushing himself on a SitSki 80 miles to the -40F South Pole to raise awareness of spinal cord injuries for the High Fives Foundation swimming with whales in Tonga, and paddling 32 miles across the open ocean in the Molakai World Championship race in Hawaii.

We asked employees to share the messages that resonated the most with them and we have kept them on our office wall. Some of the memorable phrases include: ‘I am unbreakable,’ ‘choose positivity, ‘it’s human to fall - the magic is when we get back up,’ ‘the power of love,’ and ‘ten more feet.’ He promotes activity-based recovery, and suggests no matter the situation you are dealt it is important to continue doing activities you love.

Not only were the key messages in Grant’s presentation incredibly uplifting, his ability to entertain with a unique blend of humor, passion, humility, love, emotion and eye-popping multimedia tools made it an event that will love live in the hearts and minds of Navitas team members. Highlights and storytelling that demonstrated his key messages included challenges and victories during The Push a documentary about the cold, grueling 12-day 80-mile journey Grant endured to reach the South Pole on a SitSki, and “The Current” – a new movie that also features Bethany Hamilton – the courageous young surfer that continues to excel at the sport she loves despite losing an arm to a shark bite in 2003. Navitas Naturals contributed as a sponsor of The Push and got to know Grant and Shawna during that project. Check out our Feb. 2012 newsletter article about The Push here. Our ongoing relationship made their visit even more special.

Grant and Shawna’s strong love and their ongoing journey to wellness provided a compelling and hopeful message for all of us to be the very best, unbreakable person that is within us. For more information about Grant Korgan, and his new book Two Feet Back, visit his website Choose Positivity Now.

Team Navitas

Thanks to all of our customers, we continue to grow and add more jobs in our local community! We are currently looking for more team members. What’s it like to work at Navitas Naturals? Read on to learn more about that from our latest hires Melissa Cruz and Watson Chaiyasut, and to find out about our job openings.

Navitas Naturals (NN): What’s your favorite superfood, and is there a particular recipe you enjoy it in?

Melissa Cruz (MC): I was voted Miss Chocoholic in high school so it’s hard for me to deny that cacao is my favorite! Lately, I’ve been using the Sweet Nibs in almost every smoothie – I love the crunch and subtle sweetness. Next up I’m planning to combine it with other superfoods to create my own chocolate bars.

Watson Chaiyasut (WC): I would call myself a Superfood Newbie. As of right now, my tried and true hunger destroyer is a handful of Goji Berries or Mulberries straight out of the bag. I’m also a terrible cook, so I rely pretty heavily on the Superfood+ snacks to get me through the day.

NN: What is the best thing about working at Navitas Naturals?

MC: It’s so great to be amongst such happy people at work. Everyone is so genuinely passionate about Navitas Naturals and it just creates such a positive vibe in the office.

WC: I love the environment! It’s great working with a diverse group of people whom are passionate about what they do and stand by the product.

NN: What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

MC: I moved to the US from Australia (and no I don’t box kangaroos – though I do box!), so I still spend a lot of my time playing tourist in my effort to scratch off every State from my US Scratch Map. When not traveling, you’ll find me “taste testing” California’s great craft beers (always in a koozie), binge-watching Netflix documentaries or Skyping family & friends at home.

WC: I’m naturally an outdoorsy kind of person, so I like taking hikes. Road trips are also at the top of my list. I like exploring new towns, cities and restaurants.

Interested in joining our growing team? For the latest job openings at Navitas Naturals, visit our career page.

Superfood Juices

Julie Morris takes juicing to a whole new level in her new book Superfood Juices. This fresh approach to juicing features 100 quick and delicious recipes that use the most vitamin-packed, antioxidant-rich ingredients in the world. Read on to get chef Julie’s Spicy Greens juice recipe and to learn about out our Superfood Juices prize giveaway.

This detailed primer on the art of juicing taps into Julie’s many years of experience as our company chef developing products and creating smoothie and juice recipes. Whether you crave fruit juices or have a hankering for cleansing green juices, you’ll find inspiration for that and so much more in Superfood Juices including creamy vegetable juices packed with protein, hydrating chia frescas, refreshing spritzers, delightful frozen treats and healthier cocktails.

Superfood Juices shares chef Julie’s tips for using the hottest nutrient-dense superfoods in the marketplace. In addition to more than 100 recipes, Superfood Juices includes gorgeous photos and provides helpful conversion charts, a resource guide for ingredients and equipment, a substitution “cheat sheet,” FAQs, and a handy index that helps you search for the right juice to target specific health concerns. To purchase the book or get more details, visit this page .

We’re excited to be partnering with Julie on a juicing prize that we will give to 3 of our fans in the U.S. The contest begins on May 21. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to obtain more details about how to enter. The lucky winner will receive a copy of Superfood Juices and a collection of our best organic juicing ingredients to make some of Julie’s recipes, including camu powder, maca powder, goji berry powder, cacao powder, coconut water powder, cashews and chia seeds.

Spicy Greens is one of our favorite recipes in Superfood Juices. This invigorating drink delivers a powerful vitamin C boost due to the addition of organic Camu Powder. How much spice do you like? In this juice recipe, you can adjust the heat level from mild (by removing all the jalapeño seeds prior to juicing), to ambitiously spicy (if you juice the pepper whole), to anywhere in between. Here is what Julie has to say about Spicy Greens. “I use this juice if I feel a cold coming on because it is low in sugar and high in immune-boosting nutrients, especially vitamin C and chlorophyll.”

Spicy Greens Juice

2 Cucumbers
4 Celery Stalks
3 Kale Leaves
2 Romaine Lettuce Leaves
1 Jalapeño Pepper, seeds (partially or entirely) removed
½ Lime, juiced
¼ tsp Navitas Naturals Camu Powder


Juice the cucumbers, celery, kale, lettuce, and jalapeño pepper. Transfer the juice to a shaker cup or blender, add the lime juice and Camu Powder and blend until ingredients are fully incorporated. Makes two 8-ounce servings.