Goji Berries

Goji Berries

Vitamin A  |  Protein  |  Vitamin C

Goji berries have been enjoyed for over 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Navitas Naturals Goji Berries can be eaten by the handful, and they provide a superfruit boost to oatmeal, cookies, trail mix and more. A surprisingly strong source of protein, goji berries also contain a wealth of antioxidants and over 20 vitamins and minerals.

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goji berries

Vitality Superfruit

The goji berry, also known as the wolfberry, has been cherished throughout Asia as one of the most nutrient-rich foods for thousands of years. Several accounts have been documented throughout time heralding the health benefits of the berry. Only recently have Western cultures discovered the remarkable nutritional profile of this tasty little berry.

  • How to use it
  • Smoothies, Tea
  • Trail Mix, Granola
  • Dips, Spreads
  • Energy Bars
  • Oatmeal, Desserts
  • Soups & Salads
Source Country: Canada

Product of China

Navitas Naturals Goji Berries grow in the lush, fertile valleys of the Ningxia Province in China. Small purple flowers growing along thorny bushes of the Lycium barbarum plant blossom into delicate small orange-red fruits. When the berries on the vine ripen during the warm summer months, they're hand harvested and then carefully sun-dried to preserve their maximum nutritional density. Our goji berries are certified organic, kosher, and non-gmo.

  • Attributes
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Micronutrient Lineup
  • Amino Acids
  • Polysaccharides
  • Beta Carotene, Riboflavin
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin A
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Zinc, Iron, Fiber

Macronutrient Balance

Navitas Naturals Goji Berries provide a number of important nutrients including complex carbohydrates and complete proteins. There's even more to this sweet little red berry including 18 amino acids, free-radical fighting antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins A, C, and E, and more than 20 other trace minerals and vitamins including zinc, iron, phosphorus and riboflavin (B2). Ounce-for-ounce, goji berries contain more vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, and more iron than soybeans and spinach.


Macronutrient Balance

Traditional healing systems around the globe have utilized the robust power of goji berries by eating the fruit, drinking the juice, wine, and tea, and processing tinctures, powders and tablets. Legends report that for thousands of years, monks in the Himalayan Mountains steeped goji berries in hot water to help aid meditation, and to obtain greater health, vitality, longevity, energy and stamina. 

The power and value of the goji berry has been passed down through centuries by a legend from China’s Tang Dynasty. The legend tells of a Buddhist temple that built a reputation as a fountain of youth. Villagers who drank from the fountain had radiant health, bright complexions and rich dark hair even into older age. This fountain had thick goji vines growing all over the walls, where berries would fall into the well and sweeten and infuse the water with the health powers of the fruit.

Goji Berries are a healthy food, not a miracle drug. These statements herein have not been reviewed by the FDA. Navitas Naturals products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Health Properties
  • Antioxidants
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Essential Fatty Acids

A Delicate Sweetness

Cultures with a long history of traditional goji use prepared a soup or porridge by blending the berries with rice, meat and vegetables. Navitas Naturals Goji Berries have an exceptionally pleasant chewy texture and an outstanding flavor that's somewhere between a dried cherry, raisin and cranberry - but the taste is uniquely its own. They're perfect for snacking straight out of the bag, but don't stop there! Goji berries are also a healthy choice to add into oatmeal, cookies, cereal and trail mix. In Asia, the berries are commonly soaked in water to create a nutritious tea.


Goji Berries: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    How can you be sure Navitas Naturals Goji Berries from China are really organic?

A:    We source our premium Goji Berries from the lush valleys of the Ningxia Province in China. We believe that this is where the best Gojis are grown. Our Gojis are grown on certified organic farms and are certified organic by the USDA. Additionally, Navitas Naturals uses third party lab testing in the USA to ensure the Goji Berries we sell are pesticide free, sulfite free, dangerous microbes and free of any other additives or chemicals.

Q:   The Goji Berries are really hard or dry, how can I use them?

A:   Traditionally Goji Berries were used in soups and teas in Asia, not eaten dry as we tend to today. You can rehydrate your berries by putting them in your water bottle, tea, smoothies and juices. Leave them to soak for just a few minutes and they will plump and rehydrate again. We don’t use moisture enhancers or colorants to change the appearance or consistency of our Goji Berries.

Q:   Do your goji berries contain sulfites?

A:   No, we test our Goji Berries to ensure there are no sulfites.

Q:   There are green or grey spots on my dried Goji Berries, is this mold? Are they safe to eat?

A:   Our organic, sundried Goji Berries are minimally processed and can vary from batch to batch. Sometimes the small fibers of the Goji Berry plant (leaves) can stick to the berries throughout the drying process. This can give the appearance of spots or mold on the berries. The Goji Berry leaves are not dangerous to consume.

Q:    Why do my goji berries have a warning label on it?

A:    Click here for more information about the warning label on goji berries.