Superfood Juices

Superfood Juices

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Juice it up, and start glowing—inside and out! Julie Morris, author of the bestselling Superfood Smoothies, serves up a fresh, ultra-healthy take on juicing with 100 flavorful recipes. Incorporating antioxidant- and vitamin-rich powerhouses such as açai, chia, ginger, and kale, these drinks cleanse, energize, and rejuvenate with every sip.


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100 Delicious & Nutrient-Dense Recipes

Superfood Juices taps into Julie Morris’ extensive experience making healthy juices and developing recipes for Navitas Naturals. This book shares Chef Julie’s tips for using the hottest nutrient-dense superfoods in the marketplace, including chia seeds, goji berries, raw cacao, hemp seeds, acai, and maca. Enjoy spectacular photography, helpful nutrient icons, and excellent tips for making truly memorable juices.


Learn from a Superfood Chef

Julie Morris is a Los Angeles-based natural food chef and author of Superfood Smoothies, and Superfood Kitchen. She has worked in the natural food industry for more than a decade as a recipe developer, culinary writer, and cooking show host, and is a spokesperson and executive chef for Navitas Naturals. Julie is an advocate for whole, plant-based foods and superfoods for optimal health. Her mission is to share recipes and nutrition tips that make a healthy lifestyle easy to achieve and delicious to follow.


The Power of Juice

Brimming with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, superfoods clearly live up to their name. Add them to juice and you have ambrosial drinks that are incredibly delicious, energize, and nutrient dense. Look for icons representing benefits like Strength & Stamina and Quick Reboot that accompany each of the recipes. You’ll also discover several juice cleanses that promote vital health benefits from kidney support and liver detoxification to weight loss and anti-aging.


Raise the juice bar

Whether you crave fruit juices or have a hankering for cleansing, purifying green juices, you’ll find them here, along with creamy vegetable juices packed with protein, hydrating chia frescas, refreshing spritzers, delightful frozen treats, and even incredible cocktails (one sip of a Kale Martini will convince you that this superfood cocktail is not just for health nuts!). Give your juicing routine a boost as you delight your senses with an explosion of delectable flavors and textures.


Superfood Juices by Julie Morris: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Do your superfood series cookbooks include all of the recipes that are on your website?

A:   The Superfood Kitchen, Superfood Smoothies and Superfood Juices books have entirely different recipes than what is available on the Navitas Naturals website. However, as our Executive Chef, Julie Morris contributes recipes regularly that are featured on our website and on our blog and Facebook page. Our website also includes many recipe submissions from our customers, ambassadors and from the Navitas Naturals staff.