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Cran Pomegranate Smoothie

quick, easy & delicious

Frozen berries will make a very refreshing smoothie on a hot day, and fresh seasonal cranberries are also wonderful in this super easy smoothie.


2 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Coconut Palm Sugar
1 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Pomegranate Powder
1 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Goji Powder
¾ Cup fresh or frozen Cranberries
1 Cup plain Yogurt (goat, sheep or pasture-raised cow)
⅔ Cup Pear, Apple or Orange Juice
1 tsp Vanilla Extract


Put all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Taste and adjust for sweetness if desired.

Chef's Notes

Recipe and photo courtesy of Leslie Cerier.

Yield: 2

Submitted By

Leslie Cerier