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Superfood Apple Sandwiches

super healthy snacking

Inspired by the “apple sandwich” trend featuring stacked apple slices spread with nut butter and granola, these quick snacks are taken to new nutrition and flavor levels with the simple use of superfoods. You can use virtually any variety, from hemp seeds to cacao nibs to goji berries … as well as all varieties of nut butters, from almond butter to cashew butter. You can even mix in cacao powder or maca powder into the nut butter before spreading for extra nutrition and flavor -- get creative!


1 Apple, cored
2 Tbsp your favorite Nut Butter
¼ Cup your favorite Superfood


Slice the apple into thin, ¼-inch slices. Spread the nut butter onto the slices, top with desired superfoods, and press together into a “sandwich.”

Yield: 2

Submitted By

Julie Morris