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Maca Crunch Truffles

crunchy & buttery

Enjoy the deep chocolate crunch, then let the buttery maca flavor melt in your mouth…one truffle is all you need to escalate your taste buds straight to heaven.


½ Cup raw Walnuts, divided
½ Cup Navitas Naturals Cacao Butter, melted
½ Cup Coconut Butter, softened
⅓ Cup Maple Syrup
¼ Cup Navitas Naturals Coconut Sugar
2 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Maca Powder
1½ tsp Vanilla Extract
¼ tsp Sea Salt
½ Cup Navitas Naturals Sweet Cacao Nibs, divided


Place ¼ cup of the walnuts in a food processor. Add the cacao butter, coconut butter, maple syrup, coconut sugar, maca, vanilla, and salt. Process until well combined. Add the last ¼ cup of walnuts and 2 tablespoons of sweet cacao nibs and process briefly to chop, but leaving a little texture. Spoon into a bowl and refrigerate for about 20 minutes to slightly harden.

Grind the remaining sweet cacao nibs a spice grinder to form a coarse powder, and place into a small bowl. Use a melon ball scooper to form the truffle mixture into a ball, then carefully roll the ball in the cacao nib powder to dust the outer surface. Place on a plate, and repeat to form remaining truffles. Refrigerate the truffles for one hour longer to set completely, then store at room temperature.

Yield: 2 1/2 dozen truffles

Submitted By

Julie Morris