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important information on organic sprouted chia powder


Super Omega Shake

Chia tops the Omega list

Most of us need to get more Omega's into our diet, and what better way than in a delicious smoothie? For an extra malty flavor, try adding in up to a teaspoon of mesquite powder to the mix.


1½ Tbsp Navitas Naturals Coconut Palm Sugar
1½ Cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (or use rice or soy milk)
1½ Bananas
¼ * Cup Navitas Naturals Cashew Whole Nuts
¼ Cup Navitas Naturals Acai Powder
1 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Sprouted Omega Blend
handful Ice


Blend until smooth, adding a bit of water if needed, and serve immediately. Makes approximately 4 cups.

*Note: If using a high-speed blender, cashews may be added straight out of the package. For low-speed blenders, soak the cashews in the coconut water or regular water for 30 minutes or longer prior to blending for a smooth texture.

Yield: 2

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Julie Morris