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Superfruit Sangria

Summer Standby

This chilled Spanish punch is a fantastic source of antioxidants - in particular the revered reverseratrol.


⅔ Cup Navitas Naturals Trail Mix (3 Berry)
1 bottle Red Wine
½ Cup Orange Juice
½ Cup sparkling Mineral Water


Mix: In a pitcher, combine the wine and the trial mix. Refrigerate for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight.

Serve: Add in the orange juice and the mineral water just before serving. Using a strainer to prevent the fruit from leaving the pitcher, pour the sangria into glasses with a few cubes of ice.

Chef's Notes

Sangria is a popular Spanish punch is normally made from wine sweetened by an assortment of cut fruit. Using superfruits like mulberries, goji berries and goldenberries (as found in Navitas' trail mix) not only increases the nutritional content, but enhances the taste into a berrylicous chilled treat that is a fun and healthy hit.

Yield: 2

Submitted By

Julie Morris