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Lucuma-Rum Ice Cream

Decadent dessert

Although it's always tempting to use light coconut milk, the ice cream needs the full-fat version for a more authentic texture. Light coconut milk does produce the perfect texture for ice pops however -- for this lower-fat version, try the variation below.


⅓ Cup + 2 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Lucuma Powder
¼ Cup Maple Syrup
14 oz Coconut Milk
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Rum
pinch Sea Salt


Use a blender to mix all the ingredients together very thoroughly. If you have a ice cream maker, use it (for a fluffier result)! Otherwise, pour into a large bowl or tray, and freeze until frozen through (about 4 hours). Let defrost for a couple minutes before serving to soften. Makes 1 pint.

Variation - Lucuma-Rum Ice Cream Pops:

Replace the coconut milk with light coconut milk, and pour the blended mixture into popsicle molds before freezing.

Yield: 4

Submitted By

Julie Morris