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Superfood Protein Shake

Protein & Antioxidant blend

Mesquite's unique sweetness truly shines in this creamy shake, which is also boosted with hemp protein, maca, and a hint of cacao thanks to the special Navitas Protein Smoothie blend.


½ Tbsp Mesquite Powder
⅓ Cup Navitas Naturals Cashew Whole Nuts
¼ Cup Medjool Dates, pitted (about 2-4)
1 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Protein Smoothie Blend
1 Cup Water


Use a blender to whip the cashews, water and dates into a cream, blending as smoothly as possible. Add the powders and blend again for a moment. Add a couple handfuls of ice and blend into a frosty mixture, using as much ice as desired. Serves 1-2.

Chef's Notes

For a smoother shake, the cashews and dates can be soaked in the water for 1 hour before blending but omitting this step works just fine.

Yield: 1-2

Submitted By

Julie Morris