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Handmade Chocolate

Limitless Variations

Here are five superfood handmade chocolate recipes for an especially sweet Valentine's Day or to make any day of the year a special one!

Below is a list of ingredients common to all five recipes. Next, read the directions that provide the additional ingredients to make the five chocolate variations. Then review the general directions on how to make each of these five types of delicious handmade chocolates.


2½ lb Navitas Naturals Cacao Butter
2½ Cup Navitas Naturals Cacao Powder
1¼ Cup Mesquite Powder

*Additional ingredients are included in recipes below.*


Add the superfood ingredients below to make your handmade chocolate recipe extra special:

Dark Chocolate Goji Berries
-½ Cup Goji Berries

Dark Chocolate Crunch 
-½ Cup Cacao Nibs 

Dark Chocolate Golden Berries
-¼ Cup Goldenberries

Dark Chocolate Cashew
- ½ Cup Cashews 

Dark Chocolate Acai OR Pomegranate
- 2 Tablespoons or just 1 Tablespoon Acai Powder OR same amounts of Pomegranate Powder

Option to add: 1/4 cup Hemp Nut Or a berry or cashew for texture, if desired

General Directions:

1.  Slice: Use a small knife to shave cacao butter into thin pieces, and place into a small bowl. A cheese grater works well too.

2.  Melt: Raw Method – Fill a larger bowl part-way with very hot (but not boiling) water and place the smaller bowl with shavings into the larger bowl. The small bowl should either float on the water (if made out of plastic), or be carefully set on the bottom of the large bowl. Take note that the hot water is displaced just enough to heat the cacao, without getting any water inside the cacao bowl. Set aside until melted and clear, approximately 15 minutes. Speedier Method – Use a double boiler method on a stove top to melt shavings.

3.  Mix: Add the powder to the melted butter and stir until smooth. If desired, add 1 Tbsp of agave or other sweetener. Sprinkle cacao nibs, goji berries, goldenberries, or other creative additions evenly into 12 molds of an ice cube tray, then top with the melted cacao.

4.  Freeze: Freeze until solid, approximately 15 minutes.

5.  Eat: Pop chocolates out of mold and serve. Will keep at room temperature.

Chef's Notes

Water will disrupt the consistency of the chocolate blend, so be careful not to ever get any water into the cacao mixture.

To make decorative chocolate shapes, use candy molds instead of ice cube trays. Pour the molten chocolate into a small squeeze bottle, and use to fill molds more easily.

Good optional sweeteners to add include agave nectar, maple syrup, Navitas Naturals Yacon Syrup, or honey. Our Coconut Palm Sugar is another excellent sweet option, adding a bit of texture as well. Blend approximately 1 Tbsp into chocolate mixture before freezing.

Try adding in traditional spices like cinnamon, vanilla, a hint of sea salt, or even a pinch of cayenne pepper for a Mayan-style chocolate.

Chopped nuts always pair well with chocolates. Fold in an optional 1-2 Tbsp of finely chopped walnuts or macadamia nuts to mixture.

For an extra gourmet boost, sprinkle the tops of the chocolates with hemp seeds, or dust with dried finely grated coconut before freezing. Have a suggestion? Send us a note!

Yield: 24 candies

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