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Navitas' PowerFoods Bar

Condensed nutrition

Energy bars, like smoothies, are the perfect opportunity to fuel up your body with the condensed nutrition of superfoods. This simple recipe relies on the superfoods our bodies crave to form a delicious nutrition bar. Double, triple, even quadruple this recipe and keep in wrapped individual portions in the freezer until needed.


½ Cup Navitas Naturals Trail Mix (3 Berry-Cacao Nib-Cashew)
½ Cup chopped Walnuts
1 Tbsp Flax Seed Powder
2 Dates


Grind all ingredients together in a food processor. The dough may be left slightly crunchy for a bar with more texture. Remove from food processor and knead to ensure ingredients are uniformly combined. Form into a large patty, and cut into bars.

Makes 4 bars

Yield: 4 bars

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Julie Morris