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Cashew 'Cookie' Energy Bites

Protein Packed Snack

Make a batch of these sweet treats and keep a few on hand throughout your day to combat an energy dip. Also makes a great post workout snack. 

Store in the fridge or on the counter in an airtight container for about a week.


1½ Cup Navitas Naturals Cashew Whole Nuts
¼ Cup Navitas Naturals Hemp Protein Powder
¼ Cup Navitas Naturals Hemp Seeds
¼ tsp Sea Salt
2 tsp Navitas Naturals Maca Powder
1 Cup pitted Dates
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
1 Tbsp Raw Honey


  • Add dates, cashews, maca and ¼ cup hemp powder to food processor; pulse until combined.
  • Add vanilla, honey and salt, pulsing until mixture forms a big ball.
  • Place hemp seeds on a dish. Roll date mixture into 1-inch balls, and roll them in the hemp seeds to coat.

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Amanda Skrip