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Very Veggie Smoothie

simple cleansing

Toxic waste in the body takes years to accumulate, so it’s important to remove it slowly and gently to avoid discomfort … or even illness. The best way to do this is through daily natural cleansing – an easy practice with continuous inclusion of superfood smoothies.


3 Cups Cucumber, chopped (about 2)
½ Cup (packed) Parsley, stems discarded and leaves chopped
1 teaspoon Navitas Naturals Wheatgrass Powder
⅓ Cup freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
1½ Cups Apple Juice
(1 Cup Ice and sweetener, as needed)


Blend all ingredients together, including ice. Taste and lightly sweeten if desired with stevia or coconut sugar. 

Yield: 4 cups


Submitted By

Julie Morris