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Blueberry Skinny Smoothie

slimming smoothie

Stay full and fit with this superfood smoothie!


4 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Chia Seeds (for chia gel)
2-1/2 Cup frozen Blueberries
2 Peaches, sliced
1 Banana
1 Cup Green Tea (unsweetened)
Stevia (to taste)
2 Cup Water (for chia gel)


Add frozen blueberries to blender followed by the peaches and bananas.

Add room temperature or cold green tea followed by lemon. Blend.

Add chia gel with a few drops of stevia (to taste) and blend gently once more.

Watch the fun 60 Second Smoothie video below for a demonstration on how to make this delicious, belly-filling smoothie.

Chef's Notes

Slimming smoothie tips include: using superfoods with plentiful fiber and protein for lasting satiation; adding ingredients proven to boost metabolism such as green tea; subbing in low sugar (and low calorie) fruits and low glycemic sweeteners; and avoiding the use of too many nuts and seeds. The top weight management superfood featured in the Blueberry Peach Skinny Smoothie is chia seed gel.

Yield: 2


Submitted By

Julie Morris