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Chia Margarita - Virgin

with kombucha

With margarita–like flavors, this virgin recipe uses kombucha in place of alcohol for a refreshing drink that's great at any time of the day.


1 tsp Navitas Naturals Chia Seeds
4 oz unflavored or citrus Kombucha
2 oz freshly squeezed Lime Juice
2 oz freshly squeezed Orange Juice
Stevia or preferred sweetener (to taste)


In a small glass, mix together the water and chia seeds. Set aside for 20 minutes or longer to form a gel. You may want to make a larger batch of this step if you suspect that more than one margarita will be needed, so that the readied chia is on hand. In a shaker filled with plenty of ice, add all the ingredients, except the soaked chia gel, and shake well. Strain into a large glass, add the chia gel, and stir until combined. Add stevia if a sweeter drink is desired. Transfer to a serving glass.

Chef's Notes

Extra palm sugar or agave nectar may be used in place of the stevia. Click here for the Alcoholic Chia Margarita recipe.

Yield: 1

Submitted By

Julie Morris